student projects

My photography impacts the rest of my art in a significant way. I try to use all of my own pictures for paintings, illustrations, graphic design, and all other forms of art for reference as to make it a completely original work. However, I also love to photograph people especially with emotion. My photography style often has vivid colors, high contrast, and sharp detail.


One of my assignments in Computer Graphics: II was to create a twelve page publication. This is when "hello magazine" was born. The idea behind this fashion magazine is to actually know the models on the pages and learn from their personal experiences. The articles in issue one give brief biographies about each model relating to their home, their view on fashion, and religious beliefs. The models featured in this issue are Jodie Ramer, Deborah Jackson, Kris Schweibold, and Esther Guess. I could not fit all of the photography of these beautiful women in the magazine, and these girls deserve to be shown off! Click the button below to see them! You can find the twelve page magazine under "Graphic Design."