Clean Water Project

One of my most exciting current projects is the "Clean Water Project." At Grace College in my Art Integrations class, we have partnered with The Center For Lakes and Streams to create beautiful murals in downtown Warsaw, Indiana, to bring awareness to pollution by storm drains. This project has been going on for five weeks already by planning, designing, researching, and waiting for this weather to heat up! Our group of students has been divided up into different teams such as graphics, design, support, photography, and painting according to our highest skill set. While I have been chosen to be apart of the group who goes out and paints the murals onto the storm drain, I have been sitting inside the past five weeks sketching ideas, helping research, and mixing paints preparing for this week when we are finally beginning to paint.

Our murals will showcase plants and wildlife that are native to the area. We know these things because we went out into local lakes and streams such as Winona Lake, Walnut creek, and a stream running from the Tippecanoe River ourselves to experiment with life in the lakes. We even learned how to rate how clean the water is just by the type of bugs and creature we found living there, and I will add they were very high ratings!

Our work will be talked about by the mayor himself on first Friday May 6 in downtown Warsaw. We will take the stage near the courthouse to talk about our project at 5:30PM. Please come and support us that night! There will be music, food, and beautiful art to explore that night.

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