Clean Storm Water Project: Unveiled!

The journey has come to an end for the Art Integration class at Grace College and Seminary in Warsaw, Indiana. As of May 6, there was an unveiling of the finished murals in downtown Warsaw. At 5:30 pm friends, family, and locals gathered for first Friday to hear mayor Joe Thallemer, Doctor Nate Bosch, and head chair of the arts at Grace College, Kim Reiff, to speak about the project. With a total of nine murals, all are located in downtown Warsaw around Center St and Buffalo, except for the one in central park originally painted by Cynthia Bryan, Professor of the class responsible for this project. Brochures, created by the graphics students, were handed out at the event which contained a map to each of the storm drain locations as well as pictures of the murals, and information about the project. The night was finished with everyone taking the tour around town looking at the beautiful art, the children especially loved what the students did. These paintings have been sealed and will be here for years to come so make sure you stop by to see them, it is worth the drive being as we are the first to do this in the state of Indiana.

This journey may be over for the students, however, Cynthia Bryan will also being sharing the experience in Indianapolis as a part of the Bicentennial celebration in the coming week. A video created by the students will be shown telling the story of how they created the murals, as well as the physical and emotional take-away. Cynthia will also have an unveiling of her own mural in Indianapolis to continue to help raise awareness of pollution in storm drains.

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